Split, Merge, Extract PDF


I will split, extract or merge your PDF document for $5

I will extract PDF page from the original PDF file or combine separate pages from different PDF files into 1 PDF file.

Forget about paying expensive freelancer or agency for a simple job.

How To Benefit From This Gig?

1 Extract PDF page allows you to pull out a specific page and save it individually as a standalone PDF file (instead of the original PDF which may have 100-page long)

2 Split PDF page allows you to take a PDF file for example with 5 pages and split them into 5 individual PDF files.

3 Merge PDF simply the opposite of Split whereby it combines several individual PDF files into 1 PDF file.

Split, Merge, Extract PDF
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General Info
  • Price quoted for simple split/extract/merge job for a max of 10 pages. If you have many pages for the job, kindly contact me or team to get the quote.
  • Default currency in USD.
What To Provide
  • Kindly provide the document/file with the explanation on what you want to achieve. Please be specific on what to achieve eg Kindly extract Page 12, and Page 16 from file xyz.pdf and merge them as a new single PDF document.
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