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Does User Need To Sign Up for Systeme To Enroll In My Course?

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    No. Signing up for a Systeme io account is not required.

    The student enrolls in your course either by (i) going through the sales funnel you created(where you assign them to the course automatically), or (ii) you can add them in manually, depending on your preference.

    Systeme io Navigation Menu

    If your student is not an existing member of Systeme io (student accounts), they won’t see the top navigation menu. When they log in to their course/member area, all they see on the header are the Profile Settings menu (with change password, logout) and the language option on the right.

    non systeme io membership area

    However, if the student is already an existing Systeme io user (regular user account), the student will see all the navigation in Systeme io as usual.

    existing systeme io membership area

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