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How Do I Import Sales Funnel?

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    How Do I Import Sales Funnel?

    To import a sales funnel to your Systeme io account, first, you will need to get the share funnel link that looks something in the following format

    Click on it (if the link is clickable) or copy the whole link and paste it into your browser. If you already logged in to our Systeme io account, the import process will be run instantaneously. If you’re not yet logged in to your Systeme io account, you will be prompted to log in.

    funnel added

    How to happen if I click on the funnel share link twice?

    On a very rare occasion, there is a chance to click on the link twice. Chances are if you click too fast (which resulted in clicking 2 times), chances are only one click trigger is sent during the session. The moment you click on the shared link, Systeme’s funnel screen will open up right away (if you are already in the logged-in session).

    Does importing the same funnel overwrite the existing ones?

    No, it does not. Importing the same funnel more than once won’t overwrite the existing funnel. It will create a new funnel (thus duplicate).

    Funnel Import Twice

    If your Systeme io account plan funnel steps have hit the limit, then you will get the message.

    exceeded limit plan

    To avoid wasting your funnel steps quota, use it wisely. As your business grows, and you are ready to move on, you can always upgrade to a higher Systeme IO plan (check out Systeme IO Discounts)

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