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How Do I Import The Automation Rule in Systeme io?

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    Unlike the sales funnel, automation rules and workflows cannot be imported.

    You can only import the sales funnel, email campaign, blog, and course. Having said that, the automation (rules and workflows) can quickly be set up (i.e., re-create) within the sales funnel itself (under the automation rules tab) or the Automations main menu.

    Re-create rules or workflows

    The easiest way to re-create the rules or workflows for an imported funnel is to print it out (or capture a screenshot). This allows you to follow the step-by-step entry into your new funnel. It also ensures you do not miss any important rule/workflow step. It also gives you an overview of what tag(s) to create.

    workflow systeme

    Once you have re-created the rules/workflows, check it is correctly inputted. From the menu, go to Automations – Rules/Workflows. Ensure everything is in order so your funnel work as intended.

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