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How To Insert Business Logo on Email Footer

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    You can use the Systeme io Static footer to insert the logo automatically into all outgoing emails.

    First, go to “Settings – Mailing settings.”

    Next, under the Static footer, insert the HTML code which includes your logo image path. (read below for more info on the image path)

    settings Mailing settings

    You may copy and paste the code below (remember to replace the image source with your image file path)

    <img src="your image source goes here" alt="BWB" width="200" height="200">

    How to get the logo image path?

    “your image source goes here” refers to the image path, i.e., the location of the image.

    If you have web hosting, you may upload it to an image folder in your web hosting. However, if you currently do not have web hosting, you can upload it to systeme io. Here’s how to do it:

    Open any funnel page (for temporary usage, you can delete this funnel once the image upload is done), select an existing image, or insert a new image element. Click the image upload icon and upload your logo (or select from the existing image)

    upload logo image

    Then right-click your logo and copy the image address. The image address you copied is the image path.

    copy image address
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