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How To Move, Delete and Duplicate Funnel Steps?

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    Funnel steps reside within a funnel (or the subset of the funnel)

    Just like a webpage in Brizy Cloud, you can create, delete, duplicate and move funnel steps within Systeme io to another funnel (i.e project).

    Moving a funnel step

    Open up the funnel and point your mouse to the funnel step that you wish to move. Click on the 2nd icon where it says “Move funnel step”.

    moving funnel

    Click on the icon and you will see a pop-up window prompting confirmation of where to move the funnel step to. You can drop down the list and select the funnel (or project) to where you want to move it to. (you will need to create the funnel before it can appear in the dropdown list). Click on the Move funnel step button will move this funnel step instantly and the destination page will open.

    move funnel step prompt

    Deleting a funnel step

    Deleting a funnel step is simple. Point your mouse to the 3rd icon (i.e trash bin) on the funnel step and click the icon to delete.

    delete funnel step

    Duplicating a funnel step

    Duplicating a funnel is as simple as moving and deleting a funnel step.

    duplicate funnel step

    Click on the first icon that says Duplicate funnel step will do the magic. The same copy of the funnel step will be created.

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