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How To Point A Domain To Systeme IO?

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    How To Point A Domain To Systeme IO?

    In case the domain name that you own is in use, and you are wondering if you need to point a domain, first check out should I point my existing domain name to Systeme IO.

    You can point a domain you own to Systeme io, regardless of whichever domain registrar you use (e.g., Godaddy/NameCheap/BlueHost/etc.).

    First, go to Settings – Domains


    Click on the Add Domain button.

    Add Domain

    And enter the domain name that you want to use with Systeme io.

    add custom domain systeme io

    The DNS configuration will be shown. These are the settings you need to enter in your domain registrar (or wherever your domain is bought and hosted)

    In essence, you need to create 2 CNAME records. Enter the first CNAME (with host 1 and value 1) followed by the second CNAME ((with host 2 and value 2). Kindly note that for the Host, you only need to enter the one underlined in red. You do not need to enter the ones without underlines.

    DNS config

    (Important: for Value, remember to include the dot or period (.) at the end of the value. Omitting the dot will result in an error)

    While you are working on updating the DNS, the status of the domain you just added will be shown as pending validation. Once you have done, check back in a few hours, but do note that it may take any time from 24 – 48 hours for the domain propagation to complete.

    pending validation

    The status will change from “Pending validation” to “Ready to use.” once the domain has propagated. If, after 48 hours and status is still showing as pending, check back to ensure you have copied and pasted the correct value.

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