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How To Save A Page As A Template?

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    How To Save A Page As A Template?

    You cannot save the entire page as a template, but you can save any section of the page as a template (known as a block)

    The block can be reuse on the same funnel or a different funnel in your Systeme’s account. And yes, it can be accessed from the blog pages as well.

    First, point your mouse to a section (a green highlight indicates a section). Click on the 3rd icon (i.e., disc icon).

    save section as template

    A block creation window will pop up. Enter the Block name or title (this is the internal for easy identification later). To have an option to designate it as a master block. Designating a block as a master block means whenever you make a change, it will reflect on all funnel or pages that use this particular block.

    create block
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