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User Request For Refund For Subscription, What Should I Do?

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    The subscription refers to recurring charges for a course, membership, product, or service for a specific duration/period. If you offer a money-back guarantee, here’s what you can do in Systeme io when someone requests a refund.

    Step 1 – Process a Refund

    The refund will return the money paid back to the customer.

    Go to Product/sales – Transactions


    Select the transaction you want to be refunded from the list (you can filter the transaction criteria on the left). Click the 3 dots and select Refund.


    Confirm the refund.

    refund confirmation systeme io

    The Sales Invoice will instantly be converted to a Receipt once you confirm the refund.

    sales invoice 11
    receipt 11

    Kindly note that the refund should be reflected accordingly in your payment processor. For example, in Stripe, you would see the transaction status marked as “cancelled”.

    stripe cancelled subscription

    Step 2 – Cancel The Subscription

    Processing the refund will return the fund to the customer. Now, you need to cancel the subscription in your Systeme io account to stop customers from continuing to access or gain future access to your course/content/product/service.

    To cancel the subscription, go to Products/sales – Transactions.

    subscriptions systeme

    Select the subscription that you wish to cancel. Tips: you can filter the subscription from the top of the listing.

    Click the two dots located at the far right, and click Unsubscribe.

    unsubscribe subscription in systeme

    If you wish to unsubscribe or cancel the subscription only at the end of the subscription period, click “Unsubscribe when subscription period ends”. Otherwise, click on the “Unsubscribe now.”

    unsubscribe confirmation

    Upon completion, the status of the subscription will be marked as X.

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