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What Happens If I change Systeme io Subdomain?

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    You can change your Systeme’s Subdomain under the Account settings anytime, and published pages, whether it is in blogs, funnels, or any other pages in your Systeme io account, will be reflected immediately.

    Systemeio subdomain

    Is it a good practice to change the subdomain (or domain)?

    Changing the subdomain is not recommended unless you take care of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aspects. Search Engines like Google may already have indexed your page with the subdomain you used earlier. When you change to a new subdomain, it will not get updated instantly in Google’s cache.

    Likewise, your visitors or prospects may have bookmarked and already remembered the link to your pages using the subdomain you used. The old page will be dead and cannot be found by changing to a new domain unless you properly redirect the old page to the new page.

    If you run an advertising campaign (eg, Google Ads, Propeller Ads, etc.) that directs users to your Systeme’s pages, you want to pause your advertising campaign first.

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