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How Does Systeme IO Affiliate Program Works?

Systeme IO affiliate program is one of the most lucrative in the SaaS marketing platform. Systeme io gives a whopping 50% recurring commission to the affiliate for every sale made.

Systeme IO has proven itself as a great online marketing tool, despite facing fierce competition from the market. The reason for the success of Systeme IO is simple, Systeme IO works and it works very well. It excels in many areas compared to its competitors and this is just the start, as it keeps growing and improving by leaps and bounds every single day!

With such an amazing tool, it is a pride to share with others and best of all, you will get paid for sharing the words. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

How To Join Systeme IO Affiliate Program?

You just need to sign up for an account with Systeme IO and it is free.

If you are already an existing customer of Systeme IO, you are already a Systeme io affiliate.

To get your Systeme IO affiliate link, first, log in to your Systeme IO account, and on the top menu, look for Dashboard – Affiliate dashboard

systeme IO affiliate Dashboard 1

alternatively, you can click on this direct link

You will see your affiliate link on the page. Simply copy the link and you’re ready to rock!


How Much Does Systeme IO Pay?

Systeme IO has a 2-tier affiliate program. This is to your advantage as an affiliate because you can leverage the effort of other users that you referred to earn the second-tier commissions.

The commission for the direct customers you referred is a generous 40% 50%. Best of all, it is on a recurring basis. [UPDATE 12 July 2022: The new affiliate commissions rate now has been changed to a whopping 50%!]

How To Use Systeme IO Affiliate Link?

You can promote your affiliate link found under the affiliate dashboard right out of the box.

However, if you want, you can also send your leads to other pages (e.g., blog posts, testimonial page, features page, and other pages under the website) by following the guide that I am going to show shortly.

If you notice your affiliate comes in the following format:

afflink systeme

Whereby after the there is a ?sa=youraffiliate_id

You can add ?sa=youraffiliate_id to any page within the domain, and that particular page will be automatically tagged with your affiliate ID whenever your visitors access it. For example, I would like to send visitors to a blog post located at, all I have to do is add sa=youraffiliate_id to the link and it will be tagged with my aff link

And if you feel that the link is too long or messy, you can use the link shortener to shorten it.

How To Be A Successful Systeme IO Affiliate?

If you are a new Systeme IO user, you will need to have first-hand experience and understand how the tool works. Once you have understood how the tool works it gives you an advantage in explaining it to others as you already know and experiencing the tool yourself.

The best thing was that Systeme is very easy to use, and the interface is intuitive and user-friendly. The learning curve is very minimal, even for newbies.

Join Systeme IO’s official Facebook group where people ask questions and share tips. Utilize the group to learn and pick up new things that will only accelerate your learning and earnings.

And to help affiliates start quicker and accelerate their success with the Systeme IO affiliate program, I have created bonuses with templates, and funnels, including the SIO Affiliate Booster funnel. Unfortunately, at the moment, the bonus is only reserved for my users (who upgrade Systeme IO using my affiliate link). If you are interested, check out Exclusive Systeme io Bonuses

Systeme IO Bonus
SIO affiliate booster

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