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4 Reasons Why You Might Transfer A Domain Name

There are many reasons why you decide to transfer your domain out from the existing domain registrar to a new registrar. Let find out what is the rationale to make such a decision.


The domain renewal price is one of the factors. Domain names are renewed every year (or whatever period that the owner decides to renew). So if the renewal price offered by the current domain registrar is too expensive, it is perhaps good to consider moving to another domain registrar.

I have to highlight that price is NOT everything. You have to consider other factors as well before deciding. The price difference may not be much, but if you have tens to hundreds of domains, that is quite a significant savings.

Value Added Service

Some domain registrars go a long way to offer value-added service without extra charges. For example, NameCheap and NameSilo offered free domain privacy without additional charges. That’s something useful for domain owners as it helps to hide their details from spammers.

free domain privacy


Not all domain registrars provide the same level of support. However, this is one of the considerations when choosing a good domain registrar. YOu will feel comfortable knowing that someone is ready to assist should you bump into problems.

Domain Consolidation

You may have tens of hundreds of domain names lying around in several domain registrars. It is a mess and hard to monitor on all the domains. The best way is to keep only 1 (or 2 domain registrars max) so that it makes your job easier to manage all domains within a single dashboard.

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