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All-in-one Online Marketing Platform – Quiz Result Analysis

Question 1: Do you use any of the following online marketing platforms?

A. Kartra
B. ClickFunnels
C. Kajabi
D. WordPress


Kartra, ClickFunnels, and Kajabi are all-in-one marketing platforms. They all have essential tools such as funnel builder, membership, email marketing, accepting payments, and more. However, the pricing for these tools is very steep.

At the monthly plans, Kartra starts at $99/month (Starter), ClickFunnels at $97/month(Basic), and Kajabi is offered at $149/month(Basic)

At those price points, not many entrepreneurs could afford the fees. Most gave up after couldn’t hit the breakeven point.


  • WordPress is an amazing piece of software, and best of all, it is free.

However, for those without basic technical skills, it can be challenging as operating and managing WordPress requires basic know-how such as installation, backup, restoration, etc.

Conflict and compatibility issues could arise with the server or within the installed plugins or themes. When this happens, the site may crash and become inaccessible. It is different than SaaS-based tools such as Kartra, ClickFunnels, or Kajabi, which is a managed tool.

While WordPress itself is free, the premium plugins do cost money. Most of the sales funnel plugins, such as CartFlows, and WooFunnels, require subscriptions.

While WordPress is great for those on a budget, the learning can be a little steep, especially for those without any web or technical knowledge.

Question 2: How many online tools do you subscribe to?

A. 5 or more
B. 4
C. 3
D. 1-2


At the minimum, most subscribed to at least 2 online platforms i.e., the site builder and email marketing. This hasn’t considered the membership platform, affiliate management, video hosting, and more. So if you are currently running an online business and pay for 2-5 online tools, that’s normal for the average business.

Question 3: How much does it cost you for ALL the online tools subscriptions?

A. Above $500/month
B. Between $250 and $499/month
C. Between $100 and $249/month
D. Below $100


This question is about the total cost incurred for all essential marketing tools to run the business. At the bare minimum, an entrepreneur will need a site or funnel builder, email marketing software, plus marketing automation. That would easily cost anywhere from $70 – $199, depending on the platform used. This price range considered the use of the SaaS platform, which is a managed-for-you service (rather than the DIY WordPress, which requires basic technical skills)

Website/sales funnel
Leadpages ($49/month)

Email Marketing
Aweber – 1000 subscribers ($26/month)

Total: $75/month

The above estimation is only for online tools. That doesn’t include the cost of running marketing campaigns (such as FB Ads, Google Ads, Solo, etc), so your spending would likely be higher after factoring in the cost of running ads.

What if you have a better option?

Introducing a reliable, intuitive, and fast online marketing platform. This online tool costs you a fraction of what you would spend on other all-in-one platforms.

The answer is Systeme IO (pronounced at System-I-O)

systeme logo

Systeme IO is an all-in-one online marketing platform that is simple, affordable, and intuitive. It helps you to build and grow your online business with ease. If you think this must be a lousy, Clickfunnels-wannabe, and operated by a fly-by-night company, hold your horses. It’s not your average tool!

Systeme IO is a platform that is trusted by over 250,000 entrepreneurs.

Its track record speaks for itself. Check out Trustpilot and Capterra and see strings of positive reviews of this marketing tool. That would give you peace of mind, as numbers don’t lie.

What can you do with Systeme IO?

In a nutshell, with Systeme IO, you can:

  • build landing pages, websites, sales funnels
  • run email marketing with automation
  • run your own affiliate programs
  • build blogs
  • sell online courses
  • sell digital and physical products
  • host evergreen webinars
  • host videos used on your pages
functionality systeme io

How much does Systeme IO cost?

Systeme IO costs a fraction of its competitor’s pricing. Why spend $97/$99/ or $149 for a basic plan when you can have to get more with Systeme IO Startup Plan at just $27/month (and even cheaper if you choose an annual billing period)

Systeme IO Pricing

Systeme IO gives you the tools you need to launch, grow and scale your online business. And most importantly, Systeme does not overcharge you like others.

Don’t know how to migrate?

If you are currently other platform users, migration could be a challenge, especially if you have many funnels or pages already set up on other platforms. Worry not, subscribe to the Systeme IO monthly Unlimited Plan or any annual paid plan, and the Systeme IO migration team will handle the rest for you! Just sit back and relax. 🙂

Last but not least…

If you are still hesitant and the reasons above did not convince you, sign up for a free-forever account (no credit card required) and test it for yourself.

If you have any questions, drop me a message, and I am more than happy to help.

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