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Simple “Go To The Top” Page Link

In another post, I showed how to create a scroll to the top button where a button appears whenever the user scrolls down the page. If you would like a simple link that performs the same function, here’s another version of Go Top or scroll to the top link.

In Systeme io, open your page (it doesn’t matter whether it is blog pages or funnel pages) where you want to insert the scroll to the top button. Click on the Settings button (the button sits above Elements/Block on your Systeme’s page)

page settings button

Scroll down all the way to the bottom where you will see the Tracking section. There are 2 blue buttons i.e. Edit header code and Edit footer code.

header footer code

Copy the following code and paste them into the Edit header code section.

<a name="gotop"></a>

Next, Write the text “Go Top” and in the hyperlink URL, enter #gotop.


In fact, you can select any text on the page and hyperlink it to #gotop, whenever the link is clicked, it will scroll all the way to the top.

This is just another version of the scroll to the top button

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