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Why Systeme io is better than WordPress for newbies?

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    Systeme io or WordPress

    WordPress is probably the most well-known CMS in the world. It is flexible with the availability of various types of plugins. However, in terms of usage, it is probably NOT the best option for newbies or those who are not technically inclined.

    To create and manage a self-hosted WordPress, there is more to know than buying hosting, doing the setup, and installing the themes and plugins. Users must also take care of all possibilities and technical issues with WordPress. There are various possibilities for why a WordPress site might stop working. It could be due to plugins or themes file clashing, accidentally deleted system files, or the site being hacked.

    Users need to ensure that their WordPress security is in top condition, as any loopholes or outdated plugins/themes may cause their site to get hacked.

    The time spent learning and going through the trial by error is too much. Newbie users are better off starting with a ready marketing platform where they can just log in and use it immediately without worrying about the platform breaking or security issues.

    Thus, the hosted platform is preferable. Systeme IO is one of the best all-in-one marketing platforms.

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